picture of richie monroe Richie Monroe has been writing songs, singing and playing guitar -- and dreaming of recording an album -- for decades. Through the indulgence of his loving wife and the support of his friends, his first music CD was released in January 2004. His stylistic influences include 1960's psychedelic rock, medieval ballads, Celtic embellishments, story-telling greats such as David Wilcox, the perverse humor of Tom Lehrer, and the harmonies of the Eagles and Wilson Phillips.
picture of maureen fleming Maureen Fleming sang years ago with Richie in California and is a featured vocalist on Richie's first CD. An accomplished performer and songwriter based in San Diego, Mo put out her own first CD in 2000 -- you can find out more about her and her music at: www.myspace.com/mofleming
and you can purchase her CD through us, or at: CDBaby
picture of carolyn pfeffer johnston Carolyn (Pfeffer) Johnston used to sing with Richie at the Johnson City Coffee House in NY. He located her in Colorado, and she has contributed her rich vocal harmony to his first project.
picture of susan kell Susan Kell is Richie's wife. She gets to play CFO, Executive Producer, bookkeeper, web page designer, CD layout designer and shipping clerk. On "Reunion", she plays her Celtic lap harp on one song, and sings harmony on another.
small Bard Wire logo by Thomas Moore Thomas Moore is the talented cartoonist who drew the "bard" we use for our logos.
picture of bill van pelt Bill Van Pelt is a versatile musician who can play almost any instrument. He and his fretless bass guitar have laid down a rock-solid foundation on a number of tracks on "Reunion".
picture of jeff webb Jeff Webb is a professional artist and teacher of art and art history, as well as a superb drummer who plays everything from trap set to doumbek, djembe, and persian zarb. Check out Jeff's artwork and Jeff's drumming, and look forward to hearing his percussion on most of the tracks on "Reunion". Also, it is Jeff's original oil painting which was used for the "Reunion" cover.
picture of audrey white Audrey White has taught and conducted the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, and is a member of the strings faculty at the New England Conservatory of Music. Her skill with the viola and the violin have embellished three pieces on Bard Wire's first project. Audrey's impressive bio can be found at her Urban Strings web-site.
picture of christopher woitach Christopher Woitach is an exceptional guitarist, and Richie is delighted to have re-connected with him. He performs and teaches guitar in Oregon. He has also played with the band "Tuin". Christopher has recorded a superb jazz CD with Larry Holloway on stand-up bass -- it's available at     www.larryholloway.com
Several other CD's featuring Christopher are available at: CDBaby
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