Studio Photos

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image of the control station The control station, as of 7/13/04.
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image of the control station The control station - back view.
(73 KB)
image of the control station The desk, as of 3/20/05.
(50 KB)
image of the rack The rack, as of 3/20/05.
(53 KB)
image of the vocal booth and tracking station Vocal booth and tracking station.
(77 KB)
image of richie in the vocal booth Richie in the vocal booth.
(70 KB)
image of the microphone cabinet Microphone cabinet, as of 3/20/05.
(93 KB)
image of the acoustic guitars Richie's acoustic guitars (L to R, 77 KB):
  • "Giles", an Epiphone PR725-S dreadnought
  • "Fred", an Ibanez ME Day Tripper
  • "Angelus" (the electric guitar with a soul), a Taylor 710CE
image of the classical guitars. The classical guitars (L to R, 71 KB):
  • “El Kabong”, a Ventura Bruno classical model V1587
  • “Cordelia”, an Epiphone Selena flamenco model C70CE
image of the electric guitars Richie's electric guitars (L to R, 79 KB):
  • "Gunn", a Highway One American Telecaster
  • "Spike", an Epiphone SG Special with Classic 57 Humbuckers
  • "Harmony", an Epiphone Casino
  • "Faith", an Epiphone Les Paul Deluxe with Classic 57 Humbuckers
image of susan's harp Susan's harp: A celtic/folk lap harp, made by Gary Stone. This one was purchased years ago at "Song of the Sea" in Bar Harbor, Maine, but his instruments are now offered on-line at:
(57 KB)
image of the cable rack Cable caddy.
(76 KB)
image of the lava lamp Essential studio equipment.
(24 KB)
image of sputnik, the studio cat Independently mobile, self-cleaning diffuser unit, also known as "Sputnik", the studio cat. (55 KB)

We lost our dear little friend of almost 20 years in 2009. We joke that it took 3 cats to replace her — photos of Kismet, Ruckus and Pixel coming soon!
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